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Community Interpreting Services

What is Community Interpreting Services?

Community Interpreting Services (CIS) is Wavefront Centre’s own interpreter booking service for appointments in the community.  Wavefront Centre’s CIS interpreters work in a variety of settings such as schools, courts, workplaces, and businesses. Whether it is a meeting, conference, job interview, or legal proceeding, Wavefront Centre is committed to promoting full understanding for non-hearing and hearing parties in critical and often stressful situations.  All of our interpreters are qualified and registered with WAVLI (West Coast Association of Visual Language Interpreters).

What are the Types of Appointments Provided Under Community Interpreting Services?

CIS can provide an interpreter for all appointments throughout British Columbia, such as:

  • School events and meetings
  • Court proceedings and legal appointments
  • Business meetings and conferences
  • Job interviews
  • Workshops/conferences

CIS also provides a free drop-in service that enables Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals to access to automated telephone systems and individualized translation services for documents in written English.

Wavefront Centre has also partnered with the RCMP and the Vancouver Police Department to provide Police Interpreting Services for law enforcement situations.

Fees and Cancellations

If you require an interpreter for a community appointment, CIS services are generally provided on a fee-for-services basis as outlined below:

  • Fee for general interpreting services is $75.00 per hour per interpreter with a 2 hour minimum.
  • Fee for legal interpreting services is $80.00 per hour per interpreter with a 2 hour minimum.
  • Half and Full day rates may be negotiated, depending on the circumstances.
  • One-on-one appointments that are 2 hours or less in duration will generally be assigned 1 interpreter. Appointments 2 hours or more in duration or appointments involving a large number of persons will require 2 or more interpreters.
  • Some individuals may be eligible for funding under provincial or municipal grants for CIS services. For more information, please contact us at

If you need to cancel an appointment, cancellations must be received by the CIS office 2 business days before the scheduled appointment to avoid being charged the full rate of the interpreting services requested. There are no fees for appointments cancelled with at least 48 hours notice.

Book an Interpreter

CIS strives to meet your needs in community interpreting situations. In order to ensure that your interpreter request is met, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible prior to the date that you require an interpreter. By doing so, you increase the success of obtaining an interpreter at your requested date and time.

When booking an interpreter, you will require the following information:

  • Date, time, and estimated length of the appointment
  • Client’s first and last name
  • Specific location information and address
  • Pertinent information about the appointment which will assist the interpreter in preparing for the appointment
  • Billing address, phone number, and contact person
  • Requested interpreter(s) (if any)

For more information or to book an interpreter, contact us today!

Barrington Harrison, Community Interpreting Services Booking Coordinator
Phone: 604-731-9413

TTY: 778-327-4375

Fax: 604-736-7786


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