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Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility


ASL Community

Wavefront Centre recognizes and supports the distinct history and values of Deaf Culture and for those who use American Sign Language as their primary mode of communication.

ASL Community

Wavefront Centre recognizes that accessible communication is important for all, but it is most important and necessary for the Deaf community.

For those who communicate only in American Sign Language or other visual sign language, English and other oral/written languages are not their first language. At Wavefront Centre, our goal is to ensure our communications are accessible by all. This communication accessibility starts with this website, but will also include our newsletters, our social media and other publications. All of our public presentations have sign language interpreters. Our goal to achieve communication accessibility everywhere will take time and will be an evolving process, but we will get there, one step at at time.

In the future, we plan to hold events in our new facility, which will have an 80-seat conference hall. These events will be fully communication accessible with the help of sign language interpreters, and assistive listening equipment. Stay tuned as we develop these programs and processes further.

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