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*** Please note our Kitsilano office is open BC Hydro completed the work and the location is open***

Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility


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Why Test Your Hearing?

Your hearing health is just as important as your vision or your annual physical examination with your doctor. Left untreated, hearing loss can lead to social isolation, feelings of depression and interpersonal issues that can affect your home, work, and social life.

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Why Test Your Hearing?

Many Canadians aged 40 to 79 years are unaware that they have hearing loss*. Hearing loss often occurs gradually as part of the aging process. It may also be caused by loud noise, trauma, medications, disease and hereditary factors.

Your first hearing test is especially important to set a baseline for your hearing health, so that any changes can be tracked over time.

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We recommend that you book a hearing test if:

  • you think you may be experiencing hearing loss;
  • your family and friends have experienced concerns about your hearing;
  • you work in a loud environment; or
  • you have a history of ear infections, surgery, or draining ear(s);
  • you have not had a hearing test in the last 24 months.

Please book an appointment with us.

At Wavefront Centre, a hearing test is $75 for adults and includes a detailed 1.5 hr assessment of your hearing ability, speech understanding ability, and communication needs. Hearing tests for children are available at our Tricities location. The cost for a pediatric hearing assessment and report is $125.

**Starting in February paediatric hearing assessment will be available at our Willie St and Quebec St locations.

(*Source: Statistics Canada)

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