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Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility


October 14, 2021

Wavefront Centre Appoints Director of Programs & Services


Vancouver – Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility is pleased to announce that Dr. Ruth Warick has been appointed to the position of Director, Programs & Services. Dr. Warick will be joining the senior leadership team of Wavefront Centre overseeing various portfolios including: Accessible Communication Services, Community Outreach Programs, and Community Research Program at Wavefront Centre. Dr. Warick begins in this role on October 18, 2021.   

We’re very fortunate to gain Dr. Warick as a member of our senior management with her extensive experience in strategic planning, program development and management, client needs assessment, program evaluation, and research”, said Christopher T, Sutton, Chief Executive Officer, Wavefront Centre. “This appointment will advance our organization’s growth and position as the premier social enterprise at the forefront of breaking down barriers in communication accessibility. 

Dr. Ruth Warick is a leader in the voluntary sector and an experienced manager, dedicated to the inclusion and accessibility of persons with disabilities, particularly those who are Deaf, Deafblind, and Hard of Hearing. Dr. Ruth Warick, identifies as being hard of hearing and has been active in the community since her 20’s. 

Wavefront Centre embraces and values a diverse and inclusive work environment. Our staff come from a variety of different backgrounds, experiences and cultures. We have staff that are celebrating their 29th year with us, while some have just cleared the 6-month mark. The average employed years at Wavefront Centre is 15 years.  

Established in 1956 and trusted for over 64 years, Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility is a BC based, charitable not-for-profit organization operating as a social enterprise. Wavefront Centre delivers innovative services in Audiology and Communication Devices, Counselling, Seniors Outreach, and Accessible Communication Services that assist people who are Deaf, Deafblind and Hard of Hearing achieve full communication accessibility.  

More About Ruth 

Dr. Ruth Warick was employed by the University of British Columbia (UBC) for more than 25 years and as a Senior Accessibility Advisor, she had responsibility for facilitating accommodations for students, staff, and faculty with disabilities; in particular, she coordinated the provision of American sign language (ASL) interpreting and captioning services. Her work was based on a framework of recognizing the intersectionality of people’s lives, including gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and identity as Indigenous people. 

She served as Co-chair of the Adult Special Education – Services, Articulation Committee for the post-secondary sector in BC from 2004 – 2007 and Chair of the Diversity Initiative Project of the Association of Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) for her profession, from 2008 to 2011.  

She has prior experience as Director, Staff Development/ Management Development for the Saskatchewan Public Service Commission; Director, Women’s Services Branch for Saskatchewan Advanced Education and Manpower,[1] as Associate Professor and Coordinator of Professional Programs for the University of Regina’s Extension unit. Her first career was as a newspaper reporter. 

Working as part of a team of university researchers, she was editor of the first evaluation report of the Medical Interpreting Services in 2000 and was author of the section on ASL interpreting and captioning.  

Dr. Warick’s innovations include being a founder of a services agency for Deaf and hard of hearing persons in Saskatchewan, being a founding member of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, and establishing an award-winning Seniors’ Education Centre at the University of Regina. She established the first development projects on education, employment, and healthcare of Hard of Hearing people for the International Federation of Hard of Hearing People of which she is currently President.  

She also serves the international cross-disability movement as the First Vice-President of the International Disability Alliance, which interfaces with the United Nations on implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. She has been involved in leadership positions in IDA since 2006. 

Dr. Warick, who has a severe hearing loss, has a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of British Columbia. She was awarded a Graduate Scholarship from the Social Sciences Humanities Research Council of Canada, 1999/2000, for her thesis research on the post-secondary experiences of hard of hearing students. She received a Service excellence award from the Disability Resource Network of BC in 2009, and a UBC President’s Award of Excellence in Diversity in 2012.  

Quick Facts: 

  • Wavefront Centre has 3 Metro Vancouver locations: Vancouver – Mount Pleasant, Vancouver – Fairview, and Port Coquitlam. 
  • Wavefront Centre’s service include: Audiology, Accessible Communication Services, Communication Devices, Employment Counselling, Seniors Outreach and Clinical Research. 
  • Approximately 157,000 people reported being Deaf or Hard of Hearing in BC. 
1 Headed Professional Programs for the University of Regina Extension from 1981 to 1984. Director, Staff Development/ Management Development, from 1986 – 1990 and Director, Women’s Services Branch, from 1984-1986. 


Media Contact: 

Janee Yang
Communications Assistant, Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility 
604-736-7391 ext 412 


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