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Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility


Lend An Ear Program

Sponsored by the Pacific Blue Cross Health Foundation and supported by YVR and the Royal Canadian Legion, the Lend An Ear Program provides refurbished hearing aids for those who cannot afford new ones.

Apply for a Hearing Aid

Wavefront Centre Lend An Ear Program


We recognize that many individuals may not be financially able to purchase hearing aids. This is why as a charity, Wavefront Centre created our Lend An Ear Program.

Through donations of used hearing aids, government grants, and income from our hearing aid sales, Wavefront Centre offers a Lend An Ear Program which provides permanent loans of refurbished hearing aids for those who cannot afford new ones.

For a nominal fee of $140, an individual under the Lend An Ear Program can receive a hearing test, a permanent loan of one hearing aid, an earmold, and one-year of repair service.

“As a recipient of the Lend an Ear Program, I am so very grateful for friendly, expert advice, care and technical solution for my hearing loss. My life is much fuller for the ability Wavefront provided me to engage with people again. ” Valerie Harrison

We heavily rely on donations of used hearing aids to support this program. This means that there is usually a waitlist for the program and it also means that if you have a used hearing aid that you no longer need, we would greatly appreciate your donation of your used aid to the program and “lending an ear”!

Apply for a Hearing Aid

Drop off your used behind-the-ear hearing aid at any of the Wavefront Centre’s hearing clinics during regular office hours. Or, contact us today for more information about the Lend An Ear program!

Phone:  604-736-7391


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