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Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility


International Week of the Deaf

Save the dates for a week full of informative videos and celebrate our communities!

A yellow, dark green and white graffiti illustration of the background under a white graphic box. Accompanying text: International Week of the Deaf 2021. Sept 20 – 26, 2021. This week we are celebrating: Mon, Sept 20 – Cherishing Deaf History. Tue, Sept 21 – Sustainable Deaf Leadership. Wed, Sept 22 – Sign languages for All Deaf Learners. Thu, Sept 23 – We Sign for Human Rights! Fri, Sept 24 – Intersectional Deaf Communities. Sat, Sept 25 – Deaf Culture and Arts. Sun, Sept 26 – Human Rights in Times of Crisis.

Tune In

Communication builds pathways between people, nurtures relationships and strengthens communities – Which is why the team at Wavefront Centre is bringing virtual celebrations to your fingertips.

This week we celebrate International Week of the Deaf 2021 (September 20 to 26). Save the dates for a week full of informative videos to learn more and celebrate our communities! This video series will cover the themes for each day throughout the week including Cherishing the Deaf History, Sustainable Deaf Leadership, Sign languages for All Deaf Learners, We Sign for Human Rights, Intersectional Deaf Communities, Deaf Culture and Arts, and Human Rights in Times of Crisis. 

Premiers are at 9 AM PT everyday. Stay tuned!

Receive updates:

September 20: Cherishing Deaf History


September 21: Sustainable Deaf Leadership


September 22: Sign Languages for All Deaf Learners


September 23: We Sign for Human Rights


September 24: Intersectional Deaf Community


September 25: Deaf Culture & Arts


September 26: Human Rights in time of Crisis


On a yellow background, a thin graffiti shaped sea wave in dark green and white displayed on the left edge. A white block beside the wave graphic where a short curve graphic in dark green is on the top. Beneath in dark green it says “Socializing | Games | Ale Trail | Dragon Boating and more!” followed by the logo of Wavefront Centre. To the right of the white block, on a yellow background where it says “We can’t wait to see you in person!” followed by “Community Gathering 2021” in dark green. Underneath in white is a location pin graphic icon on the left, on the right in dark green it says “Rocky Point Park” and “2800 Murray Street, Port Moody, BC V3H 1X2”. Beneath is a calendar graphic icon in white on the left and “11:00 am - 2:30 pm | Sept 25, 2021” in dark green inside a round shaped oval in white on the right. Beneath in dark green it says “Bring your lunch and lawn chairs. All ages are welcome”. To the most right side of the image are graffiti sea waves in dark green and white.

Celebrate With the Community

To celebrate with our communities, we have hosted an in-person community gathering on September 25 at Rocky Point Park. There are many things that Rocky Point Park offers and it has an accessible pathway, SkyTrain access and parking. The event is free and there is plenty to do for all ages.

We are glad to see so many of our community members again on September 25. A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended our gathering and celebrated International Week of the Deaf 2021 with a fun day of socializing, exciting games and dragon boating experience.

*Additional health and safety precautions and practices were in place during the event. 

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