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*** Please note our Kitsilano office is open BC Hydro completed the work and the location is open***

Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility


Deafblindness is a disability where there is a combination of hearing loss and vision loss, ranging from mild to severe.

June is the DeafBlind Awareness Month

About DeafBlind Awareness Month

June is the DeafBlind Awareness Month. Deafblindness is a disability where there is a combination of hearing loss and vision loss, ranging from mild to severe. DeafBlind individuals are diverse and have specific needs based on age, onset, and type of deafblindness. DeafBlind individuals experience challenges with communication, access to information and mobility. As such, they are more likely to experience social isolation. Currently, there are limited services set up in British Columbia that can support the unique communication and accessibility needs of DeafBlind adults and seniors.

Meeting a DeafBlind Person

Have you met a DeafBlind person before? Do you know how to approach and communicate with them? It may be a new experience for many of you so please take a moment to watch and learn from our DeafBlind Program Coordinator, Ryan Ollis, in this video below. The more you know, the more inclusive you can become!


What does ‘accessibility’ mean for people who are DeafBlind?

Oftentimes, people who are DeafBlind face accessibility barriers in their community daily. Having access to the community means being able to run lives like everyone else.


In this video, Ryan explains what accessibility means for people who are DeafBlind and how an intervenor can support them with gaining accessibilities.


Therapeutic Activation Program for Older Adults and Seniors (TAPS)

All of us as human beings have a deep inherent need to connect with others, and access to communication is the key to remain connected to our friends, families, and communities. This universal need to be connected through communication is why Wavefront Centre provides the Therapeutic Activation Program for Older Adults and Seniors (TAPS).


Our Therapeutic Activation Program for Older Adults and Seniors (TAPS) is a program that aims to empower DeafBlind seniors and older adults through services that support connection, independence and access in their communities.


TAPS offers intervenor services that match DeafBlind individuals’ needs and communication preferences, as well as workshops and referral services.


Our program aims to:

  • Increase access to social, physical, educational and nutritional supports;

  • Improve the quality of life;

  • Increase a sense of social connectedness; and

  • Reduce older adults’ use of home health, adult day care, assisted living and/or resident care services.

Check out the following video where Ryan Ollis, DeafBlind Program Coordinator, explains what our TAPS program is all about.


To get involved or for more information, please contact:

Ryan Ollis, Program Coordinator


Community Story

In the past year, Wavefront Centre provided supports for over 500 activities including grocery shopping, general shopping, pet grooming, COVID-19 vaccination appointments, financial banking, socialization, casual dining, reading documentations, transportation, recreational outings, technology supports, communication access, dietary planning, fitness and other appointments. It is essential to ensure full accessibility accommodations are available to meet the different communication methods of the participants for all activities.


Brenda – client of Wavefront Centre’s TAPS program


“It was a pleasure to participate in a project that will assist in public awareness about the fantastic work that Wavefront does to meet challenges and enrich the lives of the hard of hearing and deaf in BC. As a recipient of the Lend an Ear Program, I am so very grateful for friendly, expert advice, care and technical solution for my hearing loss. My life is much fuller for the ability Wavefront provided me to engage with people again.Click here to read more.  


Learn more about Seniors Outreach Services

Learn more about Employment Services

Events and Workshops

National DeafBlind Awareness Month. Touching Unseen Sound. Silas Ng.

Touching Unseen Sound


Lobe Studio is once again presenting the Touching Unseen Sound from June 2 to June 4. ASL/DeadBlind interpretation will be available.


Featuring the work of Silas Ng, in collaboration with Edo Van Breemen, Jami Reimer, Sean Evans and Alex Penney, Touching Unseen Sound is an immersive vibrational experience created for audiences who are Deaf & Hard of Hearing, and to which all hearing abilities are welcome. This composition was created during a two-week residency at Lobe Studio.


Tickets are sliding scale, by donation. A number of tickets will be donated to the DeafBlind community and can be accessed through Wavefront Centre.


Click here to register.


Wavefront Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors (TAPS) is made in partnership with the United Way Healthy Aging program, funded by the Government of BC and managed by United Way of the Lower Mainland.

Logo of the United Way Healthy Aging program. "Healthy Aging by United Way. At home. Incommunity."

Our DeafBlind Intervenor services are supported in part by Disability Alliance BC.

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