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Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility



Listen effortlessly
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Wavefrontcentre welcomes Bettear to the Canadian market. An AI-powered assistive listening solution that enables hard of hearing individuals to experience everyday social activities without the hassle, just like everyone else. The platform allows anyone to access the audio, captions, and many features using their smartphone device.

Assistive listening

With Bettear, it’s just your audience having fun and experiencing the moment using their own smartphones and hearing aids. No extra equipment. No hassle.High-quality audio streaming with low latency. Using their own device. Hearing aids of all types can be easily connected All-in-one solution. AI and DSP powered personalized audio. Hard of hearing individuals, including those who experience any degree of hearing or cognitive decline, frequently encounter difficulties in comprehending and enjoying audio content to the fullest extent. Bettear offers manual customization and automatic calibration that guarantee an accessible, equitable, and exceptional listening experience.

Contact Us For More Information. Let’s make every live event accessible to all!

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