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Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility

A purple, white and yellow wallpaper illustration. To the left, a photo of hand placing a ballot in a ballot box. To the right, accompanying text: WEBINAIRE présenté | WEBINAR hosted by. La Pan-Canadian Disability Coalition, Pan-Canadian Disability Coalition. Débat des candidats de tous les partis. All-parties Candidates Debate. Le 7 Septembre, 2021 | Sept 7, 2021.


Webinars on elections resources and accessible tools and services

A blue wallpaper illustration. Accompanying text: Webinars. 44th General Election Resources.

Federal Election Resources

Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility has developed several tools to provide our communities with various information to engage in the upcoming 44th General Election. Over the past month Wavefront Centre has been sharing various resources on our social media channels and are now pleased to release a number of accessible on-demand webinars.

Watch our on-demand webinars below:


Working in the Federal Election

This webinar discusses the various opportunities, training and how you can work in the upcoming election.

Registering to Vote in a Federal Election

This webinar introduces the steps of registering to vote and how to vote in a federal election.

Accessibility and Voting in the Federal Election

Elections Canada provides many accessible tools to help you both in the upcoming election.

Safety in the Federal Election

This webinar introduces all the rigorous health and safety measures at all the local offices, advance polls and election day polls, to ensure you are safe and to allow you to vote.

We encourage you to visit to access additional helpful resources.

Wavefront Centre is also pleased to have been a partner with the Pan-Canadian Disability Coalition in hosting an All-Parties Debate on September 7, 2021. Watch the recording of the webinar here to learn more about the federal parties’ positions on disability issues.

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