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Accessible Communication Services | Wavefront Centre

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Accessible Communication Services strives to support community members to make sure that they have access to communication.


We believe that everybody deserves equitable communication and to feel understood and heard. We provide technology support, translation of documents, yearly interpreted tax preparation and more. We take care to make sure our information is easy to see and understand by having the information in American Sign Language (ASL) and in English.

Accessible Communication Services helps its community grow however at the same time the community also helps Accessible Communication Services grow. We are adding services to better suit what the community needs, document the successes, open and hold space for difficult conversations. We hear and include responses from the community. We continue to grow by remaining open to feedback and based on this feedback we strive to make improvements to accommodate our communities better and enhance our services.


Accessible Communication Services Team

Jenn Wilson

Staff Interpreter / Manager of Accessible Communication Services

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What is your favourite thing about working at Wavefront Centre?


Seeing the progress that Wavefront is making in becoming a centre of excellence:)

Working as a registered Sign Language Interpreter is my passion. I love going to work everyday and really enjoy the people I get to work with. I have a husband, who I have lots of fun with, and 2 little girls, who are the lights of my life.

Cindy Haner

Staff Interpreter / Manager, Interpreter Training + Development

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What is the best vacation you’ve ever been on?


Kenya – Beyond beautiful and seeing so many of the animals in the wild was amazing

I became a Registered Sign Language Interpreter in 2006. I love the field and the people I work with and for.  In my spare time, my husband and I spend our time outdoors hiking the local mountains and kayaking.

Suzie Giroux

Staff Interpreter / Project Manager

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What is the most inspiring part of your job?


The most inspiring part of my job is to see the growth in awareness for providing accessible communication to the citizens of our province, our country, and our world. I am honoured to be a part of that access and to be able to contribute in the ways which I do. 

A graduate of the program of Sign Language Interpretation at Douglas College, I have been interpreting for 28 years. I hold a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Leadership, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Sign Language Interpreting. I have a long history with Wavefront Centre for Accessible Communication, having done one of my practicum placements with the organization when I was in school. It is great to be now working at a place that feels so much like home and with a community and coworkers who feel like family.

Jodi Birley, B.A. Com.

Manager, Translation Services & Community Engagement
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What is the most inspiring part of your job? 


The most inspiring part of my job is the power of sign language! Giving visual access to information in sign language restores justice, joy and hope in the Deaf community. On the other hand, carrying conversations in sign language with non-signers is also rewarding once they start to realise what they have been missing.

I am a quiet yet expressive native American Sign Language (ASL) speaker and a strong advocate for my signing community. My great passion is to raise awareness around my heritage language, seek communication solutions, inspire and forge alliances to better support my people. I came all the way from a hard-working and multi-talented Deaf family in Regina, Saskatchewan. I hold a diploma from Gallaudet University in Washington, DC and 20+ years of networking relationships in the Deaf community all over Canada and around the globe. On a personal note, I am an avid environmentalist who loves getting her hands and feet dirty, especially off the grid. When I am home with my two white cats, I enjoy gardening, cooking, and watching thrillers on Netflix.

Samara Ferguson

Staff Interpreter

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What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on?


The best vacation would be my most recent large trip. My mom and I went to Columbia for 2 weeks. We bussed around the entire northern part of the country and still managed to sleep in almost every day. 

I was born in Edmonton, Alberta and lived there until my early 20’s. After unsuccessfully studying social work I moved to Winnipeg to become an Interpreter. I then moved to Vancouver to complete my education and graduated from Douglas College in 2018. The one thing I miss about Edmonton is my cat, who stayed with my parents when I moved away. I don’t think he misses me. The one thing I miss about Winnipeg is how the city didn’t stop, even under 5ft of snow.

Jacky Buss

Booking Supervisor

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What is your favourite food?


BBQ Chicken

I’m a CODA (Child of Deaf Adult) , which means both of my parents are deaf; I grew up in an ASL environment. I love to get crafty both in and out of work, and being a part of the Social Committee allows me to have fun and get creative for work gatherings.

Susan Krzanowski

Medical Interpreting Services Booking Coordinator

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What is your favourite food?


Ramen and Fudge Sundaes

As a CODA (child of deaf adults) I’m proud to put my first language of ASL and my unique upbringing into my career.

Nicole Horton

Nicole Tingler

Booking Coordinator

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What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on?


It is hard to choose just one as I’ve been to several countries that I loved going to. But, I’d say Iceland because I saw beautiful lights dancing across the night sky!

I am fully immersed in Deaf world as I was born deaf myself to deaf parents and deaf siblings. I also grew up and graduated from Indiana School for the Deaf in USA. I also received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Gallaudet University. My partner is also deaf; he and I share a CODA (Child of Deaf Adult) son. I moved to Vancouver, BC in 2017. In my free time, I own and run my art business where I sell my paintings and artwork.

Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility is the operating name for Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, a registered charitable organization.
Charitable Registration Number #108200098RR0001

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