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Accessible Communication Services | Wavefront Centre

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About Accessible Communication Services

Accessible Communication Services is here to meet the diverse needs of the Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing and hearing communities. Our mission is to make information clear, direct, easy to understand and accessible to all.


We strive to ensure members of the Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing communities have access to communication and information in all aspects of their lives. These communities are often left out and have the least access to communication in many contexts. Over the past few months, we have added services and continue to grow in order to evolve alongside our community’s ever-changing needs. Accessible Communication Services will continue to maintain our community focus and whenever possible profits are returned to ensure our communities have accessible communication.

Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility is the operating name for Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, a registered charitable organization.
Charitable Registration Number #108200098RR0001

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