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Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility


International Week of the Deaf

Virtual Celebration of Accessibility

Join us for a series of short and informative virtual webinars to celebrate a new state-of-the-art facility in Vancouver. Celebrate communication accessibility and services offered at Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility.

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Wavefront Centre International Week of the Deaf schedule of events


Communication builds pathways between people, nurtures relationships and strengthens communities – Which is why the team at Wavefront Centre is bringing virtual celebrations to your fingertips. While we cannot gather in-person, you can still tune-in to our virtual event, which will be streamed on Facebook, and YouTube.

Every virtual event during International Week of the Deaf will be streamed on Facebook and YouTube.

Every session will be ASL friendly and include closed captioning. Choose your preferred virtual platform and join us, in your home, or with your trusted pandemic bubble, and celebrate together! Click here to register for the Virtual Celebration of Accessibility.

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September 21

“What is IWD? Why is it Important?”

Today, we will learn more about the International Week of the Deaf and its history. Joined by the President of the World Federation of the Deaf, we will meet several National Leaders sharing their inspiration in a nation-wide challenge.

Watch on Facebook. Premieres at 9 am.



September 22

“What fuels your passion?”

Our ASL team of Deaf experts invited several local and national Deaf leaders to share powerful messages about their passion. Compassion fatigue is common in leaders but we will learn about what keeps them going and what their ‘fire’ is along with some words of wisdom.

Watch on Facebook. Premieres at 9 am.



September 23

The Power of Media: Sign Language Preservation & Exposure

On International Day of Sign Languages, we will learn more about how we can further preserve and expose sign languages through the power of the media. A presentation is delivered by an internationally renowned Deaf actor and advocate and a promotional video from the Canadian Youth Deaf Film Festival.

Watch on Facebook. Premieres at 9 am.


Virtual Celebration of Communication Accessibility


10 am – Making Waves – Breaking Barriers

Christopher T. Sutton, David Love, Yat Li

10:30 am – Celebrating Sign Languages

Jodi Birley, Tammy Gray, Ryan Ollis

11 am – Tinnitus Overview & Management

Praise Chow

11:30 am – What’s New in Technology

Henry Lam, Cody Brooks


September 24

Honouring the Deaf Elders

Join today’s episode to support keeping the torch alive for the Deaf Elders, including a special person who has dedicated his love and talents with Wavefront Centre. View the inspirational messages filled with gratitude for our elders shared by Deaf, DeafBlind, and IBPOC Youth from across Canada.

Watch on Facebook. Premieres at 9 am.



September 25

Call to Action: #WhyISign

On the last day of the IWD special, come and learn about the #whyIsign campaign from #whyIsign founder and the Wavefront Centre’s community members.

Watch on Facebook. Premieres at 9 am.